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Hey I’m 30 female I’m up bored and looking for someone fun to hang out with and get to know





*Juvenile male cali kingsnake. Typical kingsnake personality and will eat anything you give him. small little guy, very delicate. loves his ball, very eager to approach when his door is opened. low maintenance. Three adorable babies looking for new homes. One is a tan/silver, and the other two are black. Both the parents are very friendly. The babies have been handled since they were 2 weeks old, and they love snuggles! They are always hopping around and playing and are so fun to watch. They will be ready to go to their new homes on March 16. 3 yr old ball python, comes with 24 frozen mice and a giant front and top opening tank with everything you’d need. Good looking healthy bearded dragon in his 75g on a metal stand. With lights and other accessories. 4 month old male, about 4 pounds. Sweet boy, last of his litter and ready for his forever home. Socialized with kids and other animals. Two story pervue ferret cage, plus supplies.Getting out of meat pigs am sticking to minis. These 2 are almost a year old super sweet easy to handle.Comes with toys, dish holder, food holder and multiple ladders. I have some sweet male bunnies and females looking for there new homes.Two friendly rabbits and two cages. cages cost a bunch asking for 50 fee. never bites they deserve a good family home possibly with kids they need more attention than I can give This cage is a year old and has been lightly used. Have too many so this needs to go. Very adorable and extremely social, great with cats and dogs and kids. We're moving to the west coast and looking for a new loving home for these pigs.It would be great for tree frogs, house geckos, crested geckos, anoles, and any other tree-living critters.Lost set of keys at Marci Park Bar. It was left in a brown dickies jacket. Has a set of about 10ish keys. Has a gold's gym plastic tag on it. Possibly lost at MARKET BASKET in Westbrook ME on 5/7/24. A mans yellow gold wedding band, it is inscribed with a date and verse.Friendly, large calico maine coon went missing around 4pm 5/7. Last seen near Union between 5th and 6th. Likes people, so ok to approach. Scared of loud noises. Reward. Please call if spotted or caught.I found a tool on Nichols Rd. South Bound lane . Comes with fitted light top and possibly all accessories you might need I have two Ball Pythons, they need a new home. One is yellow mixture, male, eats great, about 3ft, the other is female, about 5ft both like to be handled, have a few feeder rats to go with it, Just the snakes, provide your own equipment, 20 rehoming, for the 5ft female,This Tom is up for discussion. His feathers aren’t in great condition at the moment, but when full they’re beautiful. He causes too much of a ruckus with my kids and I hate to keep locking him up.Hello, I have four bearded dragons. They will come with their cages. Just need to rehome them as I am moving and cannot take them with me.We would prefer if you are around the area of Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan so meeting each other is not a hassle (we have a small practice/rehearsal space in Manhattan). The main thing to note is that we want a collaborative songwriting setting where everyone contributes to the songwriting process. We want to focus on building an alt rock/shoegaze/indie sound, as a base, but continue to try and innovate further on the sound to stand out.

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